Quarterly Welcome Lunch

Newcomers to Christ Church are warmly invited to our next Welcome Lunch, whether you have been visiting for three weeks or three months. This is a wonderful time to meet the pastors, to share a meal together with other new folks, and to ask any questions you might have. 

Stay tuned for our next one!

Anglican Worship is Old
(Old School)

The forms of our worship might take a little getting used to, but we trust that you will immediately experience the warmth and love of Christ Church the moment you enter the door.

Before You Come

Who are these people? - Deacon | Celebrant | Priest

Our altar party and clergy wear white robes (“albs”) on Sundays. While these clothes might make them stand out, the purpose of these garments is to emphasize the role, not the person (it’s not about me). Deacons (ones who serve in the midst of the people) wear a stole over one shoulder across the chest, while Priests (pastors) wear a stole over both shoulders. The Celebrant (the pastor who leads the celebration) wears what we affectionately call the holy poncho (“chasuble”). The chasuble visually indicates to everyone in the room who is leading the liturgy in that service.

What is Christ Church all about? - Word | Sacrament

Christ Church is a Bible church and the Bible is all about Jesus. Thus, Christ Church is all about Jesus, the Word made flesh. We read the Word, preach the Word, and receive the Word in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

Like any Christian worship service, we sing songs, pray prayers, hear the words of Scripture and the sermon, and we receive communion. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in our worship service. If you are a baptized follower of Jesus (you don’t need to be Anglican!) you are invited to receive the Lord’s Supper with us at the end of the service (because you are a part of our family!).

Are Children Welcome?

Absolutely. We welcome children just as Jesus himself did, and we invite them to participate fully in the service. We do provide nursery care for those parents who need it.


Our building is located in the heart of the Ardmore neighborhood on the corner of Queen St. & Melrose St., two blocks south of highway 421 (I-40 business), two blocks west of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and two blocks east of Miller Park.


Visitor parking is always available along the street directly outside both the Queen St. and Melrose St. entrances. Overflow parking is available 1/2 block north of the church in the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center parking lot.

Sunday Worship

Holy Communion: 9:00 AM | 11:00 AM
Children's Catechesis: 10:05 AM