First Time?

What To Expect

First and foremost, expect to be greeted with warmth.

We look forward to your visit, and when you come to the door there will be someone there to shake your hand and answer any questions you’ve got. Expect a friendly place: we love to be together, and we laugh and talk and drink coffee together each Sunday. You’ll find people from all walks of life, some dressed up and others wearing t-shirt and shorts.

Expect a service that will point you to God.

In everything we do in our service, it is our goal turn our point of view away from ourselves and towards the Lord. We do this because he’s God and we’re not. The worship service should be more about Him and less about ourselves. Our service is rooted in the ancient practices of the Church, but filled with connection to the world in which we live. We sing new songs along with old ones. We do new things and old things. For example, you’ll see some of the pastors wearing robes and some that don’t. Some things we do may be familiar to you and others may not. We hope that you’ll enjoy both the familiar and the new things you encounter and that they will all help you to worship God in Spirit and truth.

Expect to find a place where every person of the family is valued.

We believe the Church is multi-generational and is best expressed when each generation is bringing it’s experience and life. You can expect your kids to be taken care of and that regardless of your age, you’ll be valued.

Expect to hear a word from God.

We believe that God speaks through his Word, the Bible. We place a tremendous emphasis on hearing and receiving the Word of God.

Expect Holy Communion.

Each Sunday we celebrate all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ by eating a symbolic meal of bread and wine together. All baptized Christians who come with faith and repentance are welcomed and encouraged to share this meal with us. Lots of folks have yet to make this step of faith and baptism, and so they participate through the prayers and singing that accompany this portion of our service.

Expect someone to contact you after you visit.

Each week we take up “Connect Cards,” that allow those present to communicate prayer requests to the prayer team and pastors. You can also use the Connect Card to communicate your contact information so that we can keep you informed about what’s happening at Christ Church.

Expect the freedom to ask questions.

We encourage you to talk to our minister, the Rev. Benji Davis, regarding any questions you may have. He loves having conversations with folks who are new to all this, and he treats inquirers with warmth and respect.

Our Sermons

One of the best ways to get know Christ Church is to listen to sermon audio.