Foundations begins on Tuesday, September 12 and will run for 13 weeks. The course is best described as catechesis in mere Christianity. One of the best ways of describing the course is by stating what Foundations is NOT:

– It is not a “New Members” course for Christ Church. Although everyone who becomes a member of Christ Church goes through the Foundations course, there is no expectation for those taking the course to become members.

– It is not a course in Christian apologetics. This is not a course designed to defend the truth claims of the Christian faith. Rather it is classic Christian catechesis: a presentation of the foundational teachings of the faith.

– It is not merely a discussion group. Conversation and discussion bracket each session of the course, but the actual time when we are all gathered is devoted to instruction from the catechist (i.e., Fr. Ben).

– It is not merely a course for new Christians. We cover some pretty advanced theology in this course as well as the foundational teachings of the faith.

– It is not simply a series of lectures. The course includes meeting weekly for conversation with other Christians, as well as at least one experience of Christian service.

– It is not just a course about Anglicanism, but it does operate within the framework of the Anglican Way of following Jesus.

– It is not boring!

We start each Tuesday gathering in the undercroft with a shared meal. We then will do a short evening prayer followed by a time of teaching.

For those who have small children, we invite the children to come for the meal. After the meal, we will provide childcare.

If you are interested in participating or want to know more, please fill out the form linked below or reach out to Fr. Ben (